n. & v.
1 a pointed, esp. revolving, steel tool or machine used for boring cylindrical holes, sinking wells, etc.
2 a esp. Mil. instruction or training in military exercises. b rigorous discipline or methodical instruction, esp. when learning or performing tasks. c routine procedure to be followed in an emergency (fire-drill). d a routine or exercise (drills in irregular verb patterns).
3 colloq. a recognized procedure (I expect you know the drill).
4 any of various molluscs, esp. Urosalpinx cinera, that bore into the shells of young oysters.
1 tr. (also absol.) a (of a person or a tool) make a hole with a drill through or into (wood, metal, etc.). b make (a hole) with a drill.
2 tr. & intr. esp. Mil. subject to or undergo discipline by drill.
3 tr. impart (knowledge etc.) by a strict method.
4 tr. sl. shoot with a gun (drilled him full of holes).
driller n.
Etymology: earlier as verb, f. MDu. drillen bore, of unkn. orig.
n. & v.
1 a machine used for making furrows, sowing, and covering seed.
2 a small furrow for sowing seed in.
3 a ridge with such furrows on top.
4 a row of plants so sown.
1 sow (seed) with a drill.
2 plant (the ground) in drills.
Etymology: perh. f. obs. drill rill (17th c., of unkn. orig.)
n. a W. African baboon, Papio leucophaeus, related to the mandrill.
Etymology: prob. a native name: cf. MANDRILL
n. a coarse twilled cotton or linen fabric.
Etymology: earlier drilling f. G Drillich f. L trilix -licis f. tri- three + licium thread

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